Recoat with asphalt or completely redo.

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15 May 2017

Hot mix asphalt looks good for 15 years.

By 20 years it starts to get a few pot holes and cracks.

By 30 years it is very brittle and if hit with a hammer it shatters.

So when should you do a recoat or completely redo the whole area?

If the hot mix asphalt carpark or driveway is only about 15 years old, that is a great time to gust put a 25 to 30 mm thick recoat on it.

This is heaps cheaper than digging it all out and starting again.

If it is 20 years old and has just a few failed areas, tree root problems and a few pot holes what do you do?

Treat the tree root problem. Dig out and fix the failed spots. Fill the pot holes.

Then you have a useable asphalt area again that is safe to walk on. It can last for a few more years if price is an issue.

Now would be an ideal time to do a recoat of asphalt over the repaired area.

If asphalt is 25 plus years old and has lots of cracked areas and many pot holes, you have left it too late for a recoat of asphalt.

If base is good then just scrape all old asphalt off and take for recycling. Touch up the base and then put say a 30 to 35 mm thick layer of hot mix.

If asphalt is 30 plus years old and in very poor condition it may need the base removed and start again with new base then hot mix.

We are happy to come and advise or send us some photos for a free assessment and advice.